This week Jeremy and Paul catch up to talk about the latest hot news from Microsoft 365 Development.

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MIME format support on mail endpoint


Reply adds message object


Announcing availability of an updated Page Diagnostics Tool for SharePoint


M365 Development on MS Learn


New CDN URLs and Subresource Integrity Hash for MSAL JS


Android and iOS and macOS GA MSAL



Exploring The Microsoft Graph Toolkit Sergei Sergeev


SPFx overclockers or how to significantly improve your SharePoint Framework build performance Sergei Sergeev


Adding a SharePoint page or list as tab to Teams using Graph API


Yo teams2.12.0-preview Wictor Wilen


Using Azure Key Vault Secrets from your Azure DevOps pipelines


Jeremy talks to Nikola, who leads the engineering effort on the Microsoft Graph Toolkit, about the general availability announcement from 9/26. They talk about why web components was picked as the technology and some of the decisions along the way there. Nikola goes into detail about the reasons why the sign in component and person card were picked first and how the agenda component came about. They go into detail about the Build keynote demo built in vue and the challenges that identified along with much more!

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Microsoft News

Jeremy Thake got to catch up with Wictor Wilen on Microsoft Teams and the work he's been doing around the yeoman generator. He talked about the customer scenarios for using messaging extensions in Teams as well as many other scenarios he's seeing on the platform.


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Microsoft News


While Jeremy is out camping, Paul talks with Richard Nuckolls about Azure Data Engineering. Richard wrote the book on Azure Data Engineering, and shares insights from there regarding the tools available in Azure for data engineering, and when & why to use them.

Mike Ammerlaan provides insight to working on the marketing side of Microsoft and discusses the opportunities for developers using Microsoft 365 platform.

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In this weeks episode, Jeremy Thake talks to Nikola Metulev about the Microsoft Graph Toolkit. He talks about how client side developers can use web components powered by Microsoft Graph to show users calendar, tasks lists, people cards and even people pickers!

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