Paul and Chris sit down at the North American Collaboration Summit to talk about the work that Chris has done with SharePoint view formatting and the PnP community efforts.

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  • Announcing the availability of SharePoint Framework v1.8

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March 1, 2019

PowerBI with John White

John and Paul talk about how TyGraph uses the Microsoft Graph and the PowerBI service to provide analytics to customers.

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In this weeks show, Jeremy Thake talks to Preeti Krishna about the Microsoft Graph Security APIs and how they are important to Microsoft enterprise developers that are out there.

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In this weeks episode Jeremy Thake talks to Matthew McDermott about the IT Pro journey and how they can learn a lot from developers on working smarter with tools developers have used for years. This episode had some great tid bits for developers and allows them to understand the difference between the roles.

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David Claux from Microsoft joins to introduce Adaptive Cards to the podcast. Adaptive Cards are a new way for developers to exchange card content in a common and consistent way. (And Paul is a big fan.) The discussion covers why Adaptive Cards were created, common scenarios and future plans.

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Eric Harlan joins to talk about the community site for SharePoint and related technologies. Eric has spent a decade (10 years!) supporting the community efforts around the world and shares his insights and some history.

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Paul is joined by Nikola Metulev of the Devices and Experiences group to talk about the Windows Community Toolkit and how it can accelerate development of modern Windows application. Nikola also shares some of the ideas for the future of the toolkit, including integration ideas for other Microsoft 365 platforms.

Windows Community Toolkit: 

- GitHub:

- Sample Application:

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Microsoft Graph Community Call - 5th Feb

Create a Microsoft Teams Group Calendar tab application using the Graph API and FullCalendar JavaScript library


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